How to Communicate with Gen Y

By James Applebach, PR Associate

In our ever changing media landscape, the people who are on top of trends in communication are usually on the younger side (geeks are an exception). As Generation Y embraces each new social networking invention (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Skype, etc.) they are further alienated from the reach of traditional media. After all, any one person can only pay attention to one colorful box with flashing lights at a time.

We want to reach this audience, but how? You need to join the conversation. Start by learning about your social networking tool of choice, Facebook, for example. Run a Google search on it to get a feel for how it works. Then, visit the website for instructions on how to get started. If you are having trouble getting up and running, try asking your geek, or the nearest tech-savvy young person, to help get you established. 

Use your new-found online confidence to inform your audience about news in your organization, events and other interesting tidbits. You may even venture out even further and create an account for yourself on your chosen social network.

But remember: No matter how comfortable you get with Facebook or Twitter, there are just some things we’d rather not know and transparency – i.e. the truth – will build solid relationships.


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