“I’m Good.”

September 24, 2012 by
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It must be just too much effort to respond to an offer for assistance or even to graciously reject a piece of cake at events these days with any comment other than “I’m good”.  How often do you hear a coworker say “no, thank you” with “I’m good”.  I thought good meant better than ok and a whole lot better than bad. In this context, good means I am fine without whatever it is someone is offering.

Today’s use of bland words such as “good” has branded a new attitude about how we feel. Such bland language makes it difficult to figure out what our customers or potential customers really think about our products and services. No wonder. We have done very little in marketing communications to inspire how a product or service might feel, taste, or make our lives better.

Years ago in one of those communications classes I learned how important it is to be positive in all language, from avoiding the double negative to avoiding anything negative at all in communications. In this case, “I’m good” meets the mark by meaning I am good without whatever it is you want of me. Some might say it is even polite.

So let’s test it. Wouldn’t you like to win the lottery today? “I’m good.”  ” Would you to play golf Thursday? ‘I’m good.”

What we have said in our response is basically lame.

Bland and lame. Where do we go from here? If we are good, why not be incredible or instead of being on top of our game, being on top of the puffiest silver-lined cloud or the highest cupola in the palace? Yes, I am exaggerating, but the point is that in an effort to be smart phone texting concise, we often provide useless, vague copy.

The worst part of “I’m good” is that it doesn’t exactly build relationships. Next time a client asks me if I would like coffee, I think I will respond with “No thank you, I don’t need to be any more alert for our meeting than I am” or “we might create a campaign that sells more product than you can produce” or “No thanks, I forgot to bring my good luck cup when I tell you my idea.”

Do you have one of those phrases which drives you crazy? Please share!


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