What’s So Super About That? By Michael Camden, Business Development, Managing Communications Consulting

February 5, 2012 by · 2 Comments
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The Super Bowl (Wait, can I say that? I mean, legally?) looms over us like the  impending hurricane you know is coming, but all you care about are the great parties. In the case of the big game, we’re all anxiously salivating for the Doritos commercials, especially that guy and his clandestine dog from Virginia Beach. So, you think this is an article about the NFL championship game. But, not so fast. Why is the game so super? I mean, unless you are a Giants or Patriots fan.

What determines superiority? Super Man bends steel and much more. My child is rated “superior student” when she cooperates and participates in school. There are super committees and super pacs, but this is not political satire either. There are super novas (also a great song in the 90s), and as long as we’re referencing music, what is a Supertramp anyway? There are superstitions and superlatives. Some things are even supercalifragilistic (or something like that). We have celebrities that we crown as super stars. Some of those stars fall from the sky as they fall from grace. There are super computers and super conductors, but I studied English and business, so what do I know about I.T.? There are super highways, which really make the regular highways feel inferior. Some people are super sensitive, but not me. Really, I’m not!

In the 70s we had supermarkets, but for some reason that wasn’t super enough, so we created super supermarkets. They know who they are. I remember when McDonald’s advertised a meal for under a buck. Yes sir. You got a burger, fries, and a drink and change back (a penny probably). Now to get that same meal, you have to super size it. That movie already hit Redbox long ago. Oh and lest I forget super models like the babes on Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue. What makes them super? Even the Dove soap models are attractive, but super?

In my youth, you may have overheard me shout “super-decent” when Jaws devoured an unsuspecting victim. When a normal person does something heroic, they often display superhuman strength. It all sounds so super natural. Which makes me wonder, what the heck is superfly?

Super is defined by Webster’s as excellent, very great, and excessive. Ah excessive. Now we’re onto something. Did I say that this is not a story about the super bowl? Now it is, because I just googled “super”. The first 22 pages of links were all related to the super bowl. I gave up at page 23. That is what I call super-excessive.

Here’s a super idea. Let’s move the big game to Saturday or earlier on Sunday so that we can all get some super rest before returning to super reality on Monday.

Gotta run. I’m late for super; I mean supper.