LOL/PR/SOS! Is Social Media Helping or Hurting Your Business?

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Don’t you just hate when you make a comment in LinkedIn or Facebook and the author doesn’t bother to respond? Have you noticed how dry and boring it is when you see an article to review but the person posting apparently hasn’t taken the time to read it? What are your pet peeves in social media. Please share so I can use them in our next Communicate BIZ Roundtable in Hampton Roads.

How would you rate your social media?

  • Using the company’s key messages to build the brand online
  • Being authentic and weaving in the personality of the company
  • Using a variety of communications techniques including photos and video
  • Building credibility and perception of your company with subject matter experts
  • Developing engaging content and strategically creating excitement with questions, games, trivia and more

And…are you making a point to help others in some way?

This month’s Communicate BIZ Roundtable is going to explore how well you are maintaining your brand’s reputation on social media. It’s not only what you do but what you don’t do which has an impact. Find out how you and your company can maximize use of new leads and build relationships with techniques, good content, and much more.

When: Wednesday, February 22nd, 8:15 to 9:45

Location: Towne Bank, 1312 Greenbrier Parkway, Chesapeake

Presenter: Susan Long-Molnar, President of Managing Communications Consulting, a marketing and PR professional with 27 years experience in this market.

Fee: $15 includes continental breakfast (SMPS members, Hampton Roads Chamber members, and AdvantaCoach Marketing Power Lunch Chapter Members are $10) You may pay by check or credit card.

Pre-registration Required: Call Susan Long-Molnar, 757-513-8633

8:15-9:05-Networking and Introductions

9:05-9:20 What is important to fans and contacts? How will they react to what we do and not do? What content will most impact our reputation favorably?

9:20-9:30 Application—group investigation of social media communications

9:30-9:45 Getting company buy-in; Setting social media goals and Q/A

And you will receive…

?   Handouts of actionable improvements for your LinkedIn pages

?   Tips for how to engage EVERYONE  in the success of the strategic plan

?   List of attendees and contact information for future relationship building

?   15 minute complimentary phone meeting to analyze one of your pages with you.

Communicate BIZ  Roundtable is a monthly seminar series for small business owners and professionals responsible for marketing, PR, sales and internal communications within their companies. We want you in the room if you are responsible for increasing revenue and/or engaging others to bring success to your organization in 2012! Monthly sessions will be facilitated by Susan Long-Molnar, President of Managing Communications Consulting , who will often be partnering with another expert on the topic.

Is Social Media Hurting or Helping Your Business?

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It is true that perception is everything and the more we use social media and expand our connections, the less control we have over how people feel about us. It only takes one wrong reaction to something political or one inappropriate comment to set a belief about us. We represent our companies in all of our actions whether we intend to or not. What happens when we don’t communicate effectively and consistently on our pages? We can often lose traction or be considered sloppy in customer service or impact how we are viewed as a leader in our industry.

 Susan Long-Molnar, President of Managing Communications Consulting, will address social media from a public relations and reputation management standpoint in the firm’s newly launched seminar “Is Social Media Hurting or Helping Your Business?”  The seminar will be held at the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce, 500 East Main Street Ste. 700, Norfolk VA Contact Sandy Sekeet on April 28th, 7:45 a.m.-10:00. To register, e-mail l or (757) 664-2530. Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce members pay $15 and non-member $30.

 Attendees will be involved in an interactive forum to learn what impacts a company’s reputation as an aspect of branding on social networking sites, key strategies to improve online reputation, and assistance in how to communicate the value of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and blogs to others in their companies.

  • Learn what impacts a company or individual’s reputation as an aspect of branding
  • Evaluate your current reputation on social networking sites
  • Consider strategies which will improve your social networking reputation
  • Take away strategic planning for the rest of the year
  • Bonus: Assist you to communicate the value of social networking within your organization.

About the Presenter:
Before transitioning Managing Communications Consulting to a full-service firm in 2002, Susan Long-Molnar served in leadership positions for three large regional operations in Hampton Roads:

  • USAA’s Mid-Atlantic Corporate Communications Manager (regional public affairs, community relations, marketing, and internal communications)
  • Cox Communications’ internal communications manager for Hampton Roads (during tremendous growth and acquisition of businesses)
  • Director of Business Development and Marketing for Sentara Enterprises, Sentara Health System.

For six years, she also served as the Vice President, Corporate Communications/HR for Medical Laboratory Solutions, Inc. which provides hematology and chemistry equipment services to laboratories nationwide.

 Today, Managing Communications Consulting brings marketing, public relations, and internal communications solutions to clients such as Dunkin’ Donuts, Nutrient PLUS, a national fertilizer company, Strickland and Jones, P.C., MEB General Contractors, 5 Star Medical Transport and Silver Car Service, and Tower Benefit Consultants. 

 Susan is a member of the National Speakers Association Virginia Chapter, the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce Norfolk Board, is a LEAD Hampton Roads graduate and currently serves as President of Town Center Kiwanis in Virginia Beach.

 If you would like to engage Long-Molnar for a presentation at your professional association or business, please contact her directly at 757-513-8633 and visit for information on additional presentations.

MCC Pro: Video Impacts Social Media: Here’s how to make the most of it

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by Rebecca Freeman, PR Associate

While browsing through a website, ask yourself: Would you rather read an article or watch a video? If you sided with the latter, you aren’t alone.

On any given day, YouTube garners millions of hits everyday. Created in 2005 by a few PayPal employees, YouTube is the number one visited social media website by a long shot and continues to grow everyday.

Video allows the mind to relax a little more, thus allowing whatever is on screen to entertain or inform, with little effort on the viewer’s part. This is critical as society is in a time where the public wants their news immediately, and if it is not supplied in a quick, entertaining, and informative fashion, they will find another outlet.

Using video is a great tool for getting your message to the public, however, like any written article, you must grab the viewer’s attention within the first eight seconds. A video is useless if no one sticks around to watch it.

Remember that earlier bit about the public wanting their news as quickly as possible? Keep the video below two minutes at all costs, especially if it is educational. If the video is too long the viewer will probably lose interest.

Make sure you have a story worth telling. Although it may seem obvious, your message will not be heard if no one is concerned with the subject matter.

We have morphed into a “click and drag” society where nothing moves as fast as we want it to. Video allows the viewer an entertaining option to gather information with minimal effort on their part. Take advantage of it.