Crush your Networking with Planning! – by Katharina Bayer

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Networking means meeting new people and having a purposeful conversation to develop professional or social contacts. It’s not hard!

Katharina Bayer

At a meeting your fellow attendees have the same thing in mind you do to chat and talk business.

I come prepared with purposeful questions and a roundup summary of the services the company I represent has to offer. I use a few mapped-out sentences, so I don’t fall into a habit of using filler words that might make me sound unprofessional. I try to also focus on “how” I present myself in preparation for the meeting:

When there are people attending who I know I want to meet, I use questions I prepare so I can find out more each person’s career path and organization.  I am truly interested in the person I talk to and I stay attentive and listen actively the whole time. It’s ok to take notes on a business card or notepad afterwards to stay organized especially if talking to multiple targets. A smile on your face will have a huge impact on the outcome of the discussion!

I experienced, that in the first 7 seconds of interaction a first impression is made and that there is a window of less than 30 seconds to impress someone.

We all know to follow up after the meeting, but it really helps to create a system that works for you.  I add my new contacts to my LinkedIn account, and I include a follow up message or send an email separately. Later, I will try to reconnect with my targets at different occasions and look for (more) opportunities.

It is possible to form meaningful connections and to collaborate, I previously found a speaker for one of our events, grew the number of participants of my own networking group and acquired new customers.

My recent greatest achievement networking was to be accepted for a volunteer position for the event planning committee of a young professionals networking group. I found a meaningful task. I am proud, thankful and I am enjoying my new challenge, a great learning opportunity.