What will you be doing over the holidays for your employees or like in my case, contractors?

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What will you be doing over the holidays for your employees or like in my case, contractors? Remember to be flexible on other people’s ideas for decorations around the office. If it doesn’t impact budget or make some horrible impression of the company, keep a positive perspective or you may disengage employees. If you want to make changes in the way to you celebrate the season at work, get employee input. Try not to make too many changes at once. For example, don’t decide to switch from a bonus check to a turkey, do away with the White Elephant gifts, and change a traditional venue all in one year! Lastly, be sure to communicate effectively in advance. What’s in advance? During the season, people are already stressed so try to plan communications to begin at least two weeks out. Follow up frequently and give employees room to accept the changes.

What else should you do?

Avoid the negative talk about the economy. Try stressing experiences verses money. What could you do as a team that would be so much fun nobody will even notice that it didn’t cost as much as last year.

Sincere compliments go a long way. What can you say now that you have not said enough throughout the year? Everyone on the team has contributed in some way, whether they led the way or influenced others. Oh, and most people like recognition in front of their peers and management.

Surprise! On a slow day, unless you are in retail, how hard would it be to surprise everyone with an extra couple of hours to leave the office early? Another idea is to have a Festive Siesta! Tell everyone that from 11-2 for one day they can’t do anything but eat and rest. Encourage then to share how the rest of their day was–New Ideas? More productive?

None of this takes a lot of work or planning. And one of my favorites? Find a non-profit to help with and engage the whole team!

I would love for you to share appropriate office activities in regard to the holidays! Please visit our Facebook company page (Managing Communications Consulting) and like us? Send us a post, and we will share your company’s celebration of the holidays.

Marketing with Company LinkedIn and Facebook Pages!

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We can never learn enough about LinkedIn and Facebook company pages so please join us for a look at how to get more out of yours! We are talking about building reputation, identifying ways to promote your products and services, and staying relevant for all those potential clients and referral sources. Most of you have a profile and maybe a business page, but are they designed effectively and what are you doing with all those connections you have made? We will also check on results from October attendees to share your progress and answer more questions. Join us for this action packed morning! Handouts will help those who are still   setting up their pages, and you will get a better view of how to …

Expand your company pages with valuable content

Use LI Answers to establish your credibility and make new connections

Promote your pages by cross marketing

Identify ways for you to contribute to your clients and other company pages

And…Integrate LinkedIn into your overall marketing plan

When: Tuesday, December 4th, 8:30 to 9:45 a.m.


Stellar One,4505 Columbus St., Suite 100, Virginia Beach’s Town Center

Presenter: Susan Long-Molnar, President of Managing Communications Consulting, a marketing and PR professional with 27 years experience in this  market.

Fee: $15 includes Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, donuts and bagels. ($10 for Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce members) Reservations required and pre-payment by check or credit card.

Pre-registration Required: Call Susan Long-Molnar, 757-513-8633

8:30-9:00 Networking and Introductions

9:00-9:30 Overview of LinkedIn fast pace marketing techniques

9:30-9:45 Sharing additional LinkedIn best practices

And you will receive…

?   Opportunities to network for beginning new relationships on the right foot

?   Drawing for gift cards/certificates to help with holiday shopping!

?   List of attendees and contact information for future relationship building

Communicate BIZ Roundtable is a monthly seminar series for small business owners and professionals   responsible for marketing, PR, sales and internal communications within their companies. We want you in the room if you are responsible for increasing revenue and/or engaging others to bring success to your organization in 2012! Monthly sessions are facilitated by Susan Long-Molnar, President of Managing         Communications Consulting, who will often partner with another expert on the topic.