The Little Events Can Prepare Us for the Big Deals

August 26, 2015 by
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Two years ago there was this single yellow rose drooping over a black iron fence on the road to Georgetown University Hospital where my world was teetering on my husband getting a liver transplant.  It was a symbol or a message as I passed it nearly every day for the weeks that my husband was listlessly waiting. It became a ritual for me to fearfully look to my left to see if it was still there each day, knowing that if it died before my husband was put on the list for a transplant, and later, received the frantic message that a match was made, his drooping body would likewise, give out. The flower died a day or two after Pat received his new liver.

We often need a sign to get us prepared for something bigger or better. Have you ever found some little event in your life in nature, a funny comment on Facebook, a child’s unexpected question, or a memory that allowed you to hold on during a difficult situation? There may be more purpose or inspiration in simplicity than we think.

People often ask me how I seem so calm presenting during my speaking or training engagements, an I really have not had an answer for them. Yes, confidence may be a behavior some are born with, and preparation practice cannot be overlooked, but I believe fear is overcome in any scenario by realizing what is truly important to the speaker and the audience.  Even if that connection is not perfect, finding the commonalities–emotions, needs, experiences–will provide the basis for stepping up to any challenge.  Using the simple events of our lives to make us brave enough to speak to hundreds or to present an idea or controversial perspective in the boardroom is a tool to bring us closer to the results we want. #communicatebiz

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