In Your Face: Perception is Your Reality

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Have you ever entered a networking event late, only to find several small groups of people in conversation, and you don’t know anyone? This can certainly happen, and the way we react, from our body language to how we approach a group, can have a tremendous impact on how people relate to us. Situations like this can catch up off guard on our communications.

I can’t tell you how many times as a female business owner that I have been at a networking meeting and felt like the silent security guard at the door or the immigrant who doesn’t speak English when two or more men only make eye contact with each other. Guys, I am sure you have experienced the same kind of situation with a group of women.

Who gets noticed the most at business meetings and social networking events? Is it always the person who requests business cards from everyone in the room? Is it someone who has that elevator speech memorized to perfection? Is it always the politician or enterprise CEO? NOT. I firmly believe that anyone can make an impact with the right attitude about communications, attention to the discussions they lead or engage in, and have a good sense of business etiquette. With training and attention to your communications, you can make significant differences in how you are perceived in groups, whether your goal is to build new relationships for your business, pursue job interviews, or just have a good time in a community you enjoy!

If you are in Hampton Roads on March 22nd, we hope you will join us for dialogue with substance about communicating effectively in business  events. This month’s Communicate BIZ Roundtable is going to explore how to connect face-to-face and leave a positive perception of you and your brand.  How do others perceive us as entrepreneurs and professionals in our fields during those fleeting moments at events? This is not just for novice networkers or connectors. We will look at how to bring your communications to the next level while interacting at networking, social, and business events, from the visual image you portray to verbal communications, body language  and sheer business etiquette.

When: Tuesday, March 27th, 8:15 to 9:45

Location: Town Point Club, 101 W. Main Street, Norfolk

Presenters: Susan Long-Molnar, President of Managing Communications Consulting, is a communications, marketing and PR professional with 27 years experience in this market. Susan assists clients to manage face-to-face networking and is a national and regional presenter on communications topics including The Etiquette of   Business Communications. Guest Presenter: Internationally-acclaimed Image Consultant Sandy Dumont is the founder of The Image Architect. She is also a founding member of the Professional Speakers Association (U.K.), and a member of the National Speakers Association (NSA).  Sandy is past President of NSA Virginia, and Past President of the SE Virginia chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO. She consults with individuals and corporations and also conducts corporate and individual image makeover workshops.

Fee: $15 includes continental breakfast with fresh fruit, bagels, muffins, pastries and beverages.  Reservations for this month are required with pre-payment by check or credit card.

To Register: Call Susan Long-Molnar, 757-513-8633 or e-mail

Our Agenda:

8:15-8:35 Networking and Introductions

8:35-8:55 Sandy Dumont on managing your image

8:55-9:15 Susan Long-Molnar on key messages, listening and transitioning, and communications etiquette

9:15-9:30 Q/A and group discussion on setting priorities for networking

And you will receive…

? Handouts of improving and managing perception

? Door prize drawings

? List of attendees and contact information for future relationship building

? Managing Communications’ April Business Calendar with Networking Tips for specific events

Sponsored by Managing Communications Consulting, Communicate BIZ  Roundtable is a monthly seminar series for small business owners and professionals responsible for marketing, PR, sales and internal communications within their companies. We want you to join us if you are responsible for increasing revenue and/or engaging others to bring success to your organization in 2012! Monthly sessions will be facilitated by Susan Long=Molnar.