Agreements or Expectations by Winston Bersch

One of the lessons I have been taught in life, and continue to learn, is that I have caused myself a lot of the “issues” I have by expecting someone else to behave in a manner that “I” thought “they” should. Or stated differently, based on my perceived outcome, “they” should act and behave in a manner that “I” believe will achieve “my” defined results. And if they don’t … well … how dare them … they are 18 shades of … well … despicable. And furthermore … if you don’t believe me, just ask, and I will make sure you know my truth at that moment. Whew!!!

The result is that neither of us have now accomplished anything that is in the best interest of anyone, least of all ourselves, and we certainly have not built a foundation that will support what we want and desire.

Wouldn’t it be fun if we chose to forego creating expectations and created agreements?

Here’s a scenario – I have asked Bubba, a key employee or not, to help the company move in a direction that aligns with the vision that we believe we want and is in everyone’s best interest. If Bubba doesn’t really understand what that is, and he doesn’t, since at this point he is only doing the best he can from a different page, then at best we – that’s Bubba and me – can only create expectations. And the end of that story has already been written.

So, let’s have some fun! I choose to have a conversation with Bubba and first share with him, as best that I can, the what and why of our vision and the way I “currently” perceive his roll in that. I then open the conversation to what he sees and allow his innate creativity to bring forth solutions I had not even thought of and solve current and potential problems. We than reach an agreement as to how to proceed.

The result is, that as a leader, I have initiated a relationship we have both participated in, and supported him in execution of the agreement. We are now in a position as a team to handle anything that comes up, using a repeatable interaction that works.

The other unexplainable thing that happens in this journey is that somehow the original vision got bigger and changed as we moved toward it!

Think Differently … Create …

Winston Bersch has created every aspect of both successful and less successful businesses. He currently works with humans at all levels to have a richer more rewarding experience of life. Add to this his ability to help take any business or idea through the impossible and have some fun doing it!

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